The 2019 mascot cow is a Bleue du nord called #Imminence

Imminence, 5 years old, was born in September 2013 in Saint-Aubin in the Avesnois Tierache. She lives on the farm of Gilles Druet, in the midst of a herd of 100 other Bleue du Nord cows. Perfect ambassador of his race, Imminence has all the physical characteristics to represent the Bleue du Nord: a broad muzzle, a slender neck, a white dress spotted with a beautiful blue gray ... The rest of his "coat" is characterized by a muzzle , clogs and teats black ... Imminence is what we can call a cow easy to live: docile and affectionate, she did not hesitate to "make the star in front of the camera," says Isabelle , Gilles's wife who, like their 3 children, works on the farm.


Porte de Versailles